A Surgical Heads-Up Display with Interactive Checklists

Aviation technology made uniquely medical

We understand that medicine is not a one-size-fits-all environment!  The CHaRM™ System is a custom software product that can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific hospital, specialty, physician and patient.  It provides the standardization required to meet hospital accreditation and regulations as well as the ability to adapt to the individual needs of each customer.

Designed for the surgical suite based on military aviation technology, CHaRM™ brings the advantages of a Heads-Up Display, or HUD, as well as customizable and interactive eChecklists to the entire medical team.

The use of checklists in the operating room has been shown to improve detection of safety hazards, decrease complications, and improve communication among healthcare providers. However, the medical community has been slow to implement these tools.  We understand the unique challenges of the surgical suite, and we acknowledge the limitations of paper checklists.  We also recognize that healthcare providers are already overburdened with seemingly endless paperwork and forms.

The CHaRM™ System is a fully interactive system based on aviation technology, not paper checklists.  It is designed to increase communication, decrease errors, and enhance patient safety while also making the surgical team more efficient.

Our eChecklists are created by physicians using our interactive and user-friendly software.  Once created, an eChecklist can be shared with colleagues and adapted for each individual patient.  In an emergency situation, such as a cardiac arrest, the system will instantly respond with a standardized crisis checklist.  Each member of the healthcare team will know immediately what is expected of them according to the optimal standard-of-care.

The HUD is directly in the physician’s field of view, but also visible to the entire surgical team. It displays the patient’s critical information as well as the physician-customized eChecklist for the current procedure and patient.  Gesture sensitive cameras and high fidelity Microsoft® Kinect™ technology enable surgeons to interact with the CHaRM™ HUD while maintaining the sterile surgical environment.  They can progress through the eChecklist, or view patient data, simply by moving their hands in the space directly above the sterile field or by using voice commands.